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 go   trainer 

How we started

The Go Trainer was introduced in the year of 2016. We are a new wave of active wear product that infuse performance enhancement elements into wearable pieces. Our mission is to provide the fitness community with the tools to train efficiently in any environment, while saving our user both time and money. 

Why The Go Trainer ?

 With the Go Trainer, you can expedite your work - out by adding resistance to your routine in any environment. The system is designed to challenge you to a level that is conducive to your advanced training goals. The system can also be used to re - condition the joint functions of anyone that has been injured, a method that is usually conducted using light weights and assisted machines. All of this while saving you both time and money.  


“Using The Go Trainer, I have been able to tremendously improve my conditioning while doing movements that translate directly to my sport.”

- Richard Commey, IBF Lightweight boxing champion. 


“I honestly think I would use this over weights, it engaged my whole entire body just by doing simple work - outs."

- Jasmine C. , LPN


“The Go Trainer definitely adds another layer of versatility to my work - outs, it takes all of my bodyweight motions to the next level.”

- Chris Holt, Personal Trainer at Holt Fitness NY